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Wednesday , February 7 , 2001
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[29 January 2001]

Sorry for the delays in publishing today's strip. I've been working a lot lately, and worked from 4pm Sunday night to 2pm today. Argh. Anyway, there'll be a super-duper Wednesday strip to make up for it.

[24 January 2001]

Thanks to Damonk, author of the great strip Framed!!!, Insult to Injury is now certified 100% Nipple Free. Check out the dropdown list at the bottom of the page for more nippleless humor.

[16 January 2001]

There's an artist in the fine family of Keenspace comics which has decided to link to little 'ol me. His strip is called Blotto Street, and it's damn British. It's a natural fit, really; much like the Queen's subjects, I have had bad experiences with the French.

While you're at it, don't forget Jason Kim's Luminosity Pro.

I need to create a links page.


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